We absolutely love the creative freedom that comes with working on motion-graphic & animated projects. Creating a world of sound from scratch is one of our favourite things to work on so whether it's fast-paced hi-tech CGI neon tech-wizardry or a relaxing hand animation we would love to help bring it up a notch with our sound design.

Get in touch to talk through your project and find out a bit more about how we can help bring your animation to life.

Sound Design

Sound is often the soul & emotional core of an animation and excellent sound design supports and complements the visuals to really push things up a notch. We love to get involved early in a project so that we can twirl ideas around in our heads. Even if it's just an animatic or even a single image or two, we can start to get a sense of what might work and how sound can emotionally fit the vibe of the project!

Realism or Abstract

The lovely thing about animation is its immense flexibility - it doesn't always have to adhere to real world rules. Sometimes we want to keep the sound of an animation grounded in "reality", where a leather shoe on a wooden floor sounds exactly as you'd expect it to. However, when animations stray into the realms of the abstract then the audio can follow suit & really let loose creatively, conjouring up fantastical sounds to support the visuals and help to help to immerse & engage the audience with the emotion of the piece. Luckily we're great at both of these things and there's nothing we love more than bringing an animated world to life through sound!