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Whether it's a Horror, Comedy, Drama or Documentary film we can help guide your film's soundtrack from pre-production all the way through to the final mix. Each project brings its own set of unique challenges and we make sure that we tailor our approach to ensure that everything we do is ultimately supporting the image on screen.

Get in touch to talk through your project and find out a bit more about how we can help bring your film to life.

  • Sound Supervision
    Sound Supervision is most important role in post-production audio. The Supervising Sound Editor will oversee all aspects of the sound track, manage, hire and supervise other freelancers, foley studios or mixing studios as requred and ultimately ensure that everything is delivered both on time and to a very high standard. When Sound Supervising films we love to be brought on board as early as possible so that we can lean on our knowledge and experience & collaborate through the production process. We often find that this collaboration is really useful to make the most of sound as a storytelling tool and also to potentially save time & money later on in the process.
  • Sound Design
    Sound design can bring a project to life. It's how we add emotional impact to a scene, bring a dinosaur to life with an epic roar or emphasise a harsh environment with a bitterly cold howling wind. We love to record our own effects for projects whenever possible as this really helps to keep thigns fresh and unique but we also have extensive sound libraries with hundreds of thousands of sounds that we can blend in as well. We have tons of incredibly clever tools for creating, editing & manipulating audio. If there's a specific sound you need, we can make it.
  • Dialogue Editing
    We believe that the old addage that "dialogue is king", the heart and soul of a good film mix, still rings true to this day - sorry Christopher Nolan if you're reading! Unintelligible dialogue can distract an audience from the story and take them out of the experience as they try to make sense of a muffled line of dialogue instead of being immersed in the film. We can help to meticulously edit and prepare a dialogue track for your film mix. We have many incredible tools to clean, process and improve the intelligibility of lines, potentially even helping to reduce the amount of ADR required.
  • Mixing
    Once the dialogue is edited and the sound design is in place then it's time for the final mix, where we'll bring everything together to make sure that the dialogue, music and sound effects are working harmoniously. We typically work on stereo content but depending on the budget & requirements of the project we can also 5.1 pre-mix here before final mixing at a larger dubbing theatre. If you have any particular tech specs or requirements let us know and we'll make sure it meets them.
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