Whether it's a mobile app, indie game or multi-platform project we can help guide your game's soundtrack from the initial concept stages all the way through to the final mix. 

Get in touch to talk through your project and find out a bit more about how we can help bring it to life with immersive sound design.

Audio Supervision

As Audio Lead it's our job to ensure all elements of the sound (and occasionally music) are present, correct and working harmoniously together. Ideally we like to be involved from the very beginning, helping to shape the early prototypes and develop an audio 'voice' for the game but we're equally happy jumping in at any stage of game development.

We've even had a couple of project where we've been parachuted in last-minute to provide a much-needed quality boost!

Sound Design

We absolutely love bringing games to life through sound. It's the creaking metal and macine hums on a Russian space station, the waves on the beach of an idyllic Spanish island, the beefy hi-tech UI & HUD sounds for a racing game. Whatever the genre, the ambiences and sound effects of a game can really add an incredible sense of space and immersion. bringing the player right into the world.

Game Engines

We mostly have experience with Unity and Unreal Engine but we’re fast learners and will happily learn a new engine or integrate into your workflow to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Audio Implementation & Middleware

Solid audio implementation is critical when bringing a game to life. It's not just about making the right sound at the right time - the attenuation, reverb, effects and mix all need to be working together correctly. Becuase of this, we always aim to implement the audio ourselves on any game project we work on.

Our audio middleware of choice is WWise and we've shipped several projects using it now.